Brighton But Only at Home’s Classic Away Days

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A letter (sort of) from America

Sorry, y’all, but you’ve now got an ugly American in your midst.

My name is Josh Lewin, and I’m a radio presenter/commentator for the New York Mets baseball team and until recently, the San Diego Chargers NFL team. Having cashed out of my NFL assignment, I am now a dangerous man – a fortysomething American with time on his hands. Usually, that would mean eating huge amounts of nachos and burgers and talking loudly about things of which I have no knowledge. But, I’m going in the different direction.

Embracing a side in the Premier League. Who else could it be but the Albion?

Consider my personal history, working backwards:

  • Chargers: one Super Bowl appearance in 50 years, slaughtered the one year they went… but they have a wonderful bunch of supporters.
  • Mets: perennial second-fiddle to the powerful Yankees; debut season produced 120 losses and most of the team getting stuck in an elevator (lift?) on Opening Day. But… a fiercely loyal group of fans with a European-like temperament; they call themselves the ‘7 Line Army’ and follow the team from city to city, chanting and making various amounts of merry.
  • Before the Mets: Texas Rangers baseball; in business since 1972, no championships.

I attended Northwestern University; their basketball team had never made the post-season tournament until this past March; their football team once lost 33 games in a row. But… they always did things right, and the university itself was in a great area near both water and countryside.

Sense a pattern? Oh, and in my high school years (age 12-18), I played a little soccer myself. Our school was called… Brighton. A suburb of Rochester, New York, indeed named after your fair city. This was meant to be!

The dark side

Full disclosure – my first foray into following English soccer I chose (gulp) Aston Villa. Hung in there for a couple years, but… yeah. Last summer I even (please sit down) rooted some for that red and blue side 70 kilometres north of you, since I’d been a fan of Benteke. Please, put down your pitchforks. I have realised the error of my ways. Pray for my soul.

Obviously, I’ve got a lot to learn about Brighton, past and present. Honestly, at this point I don’t know Paddy McCourt from Patio Furniture. But, I’m ready for the challenge; and learning to say ‘Up the Albion’ rather than ‘Go Seagulls!’ I will happily accept any other help you care to offer.

Love from America,

Josh Lewin


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