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A letter (sort of) from America

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Brighton But Only at Home’s Classic Away Days

Rotherham United 0 – Albion 1 (Codner), Saturday 5th February 1994

What makes a classic away game? Sometimes it’s an important result, a great destination. But it’s fair to say that Rotherham doesn’t fall into this category. And,1994 isn’t a classic period either. Sometimes it’s just the day out.

Let the train take the strain

In those days we travelled by train. No names, no pack drill, but so few went to long distance away games at the time that you’d have known our faces. You’d certainly have spotted us here as most of us couldn’t stand up properly.

The problems started on the train up. We met some youngsters we’d got talking to the previous week. Said youngsters were in possession of quite a lot of Mad Dog 20/20 and they were not going to let the fact that it was nine in the morning stop them drinking it. They were carried off the train.

Early opening

Fortunately, pubs in Rotherham open at 11am do not have the same entry standards as West Street at ten at night. The lads were allowed to slump in the corner. Not the first time this pub had had people slumped in it I’d wager.

We staggered to the game which was a complete blur, save Robert Codner scoring a brilliant low shot right in front of the away fans. I did a lap of honour of the away end – there was enough room for it.

Top blagging

We held on to win 1-0 and the players came over en masse to celebrate with us. We charged to the front and then it got really weird. Just as I was attempting to shake Codner’s hand, something he didn’t seem overly keen on, I spotted a familiar face on the pitch. One who’d been on the train with us. Having somehow blagged his way in to the press box he’d now blagged his way on to the pitch. To the bemusement of everyone he got a steward to let him in to the away end and join us in bouncing round like loons.

Afterwards, we celebrated by finding a pub in Doncaster that had a bar that was taller than all of us. Was it for giants? Not when you finally saw the stairs.

Jason Thackeray


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